Brandon Jacobs – A New York Jet?March 10, 2012

The Giants released Brandon Jacobs yesterday. He got two rings out of his time in New York, but apparently he’s not ready to leave just yet. He wants to be a New York Jet?!?!

When asked if he’d consider playing for the crosstown rival, New York Jets, Jacobs had this to say,

“I would love to do that,’’ Jacobs said. “It would be an opportunity for me to not have to relocate. I got to do what’s best for my family. Whichever team it is, I think is going to be a lucky team. I got a lot left in me, got a lot to offer.’’

But wait, Jacobs did tell Rex Ryan “It’s time to shut up, fat boy!’’on the field after the game. Also, during the press conference after the game, he called Ryan “a disrespectful bastard’’. Now, Jacobs feels like this,

“That whole thing with Rex Ryan — me and Rex are alike, that’s what it is. We definitely could get along, no question about it. There were a lot of things said in the heat of the battle. It’s football. I talk with players on the other teams every week and shake their hand afterwards. I like Rex as a coach, I would definitely play for him. I would not say I wouldn’t go there. It would be an opportunity to see how things are on the other side.’’

Riiigggghhhht. You just want a job bro…nothing wrong with that. My personal opinion is that the Jets are already dysfunctional enough, no need for another malcontent in the locker room. You do remember the migraine that was Brandon Jacobs when the Giants were losing earlier this season. This team needs a leader, not someone who will step to you a middle aged white man after the game, but tip-toe around linebackers half his size during games.

That’s all I got,

Ricky Writer

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