6 Thoughts: Bobby Petrino FiringApril 12, 2012

Late Tuesday evening…the Arkansas Razorback Firing Squad Trust lined up and gave it to head football coach, Bobby Petrino.

1. I don’t think Bobby Petrino is a bad person. I think he’s average — as in the average male has had an affair. It’s sad and pathetic, but true.

2. In three years, Petrino will be a head coach at a major university again. He’s too good of a coach not to.

3. All bad….outside of Petrino’s wife, everyone involved in this affair worked for the University of Arkansas Athletic department. Jessica Dorrell’s fiance worked for the Men’s Swim team. Well that’s just embarrassing. I wonder if he stays at that job or not.

4. I feel sorry for Arkansas QB, Tyler Wilson who stayed in school one more year to get better and learn from Petrino.

5. Rule #34 in Pimpin’ 101 states that if you mess with a chick that has a boyfriend, you never make her your girl, because she’ll do the same thing to you. Bobby Petrino lied when he was at Louisiville and turned his back on the Falcons towards the end of the season to take the Arkansas job. Arkansas didn’t expect Petrino to do them dirty at some point while he was head coach?

6. What in Kwame Kilpatrick hell was Petrino doing?!?! Why was he doing damn near ALL of his dirt on the cellphone the University of Arkansas gave him? SMH.

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