Did the NCAA Go To Far With Penn State’s Punishment?July 23, 2012

Yes, they did. And here is why

Life’s Not fair, and neither is the NCAA.

This is worse than the death penalty. You take away 40 scholarships from a team over four years, don’t let them go to a bowl game for four years, vacate wins from 1998-2011, and fine them $60M. Four years of futile football vs. one year of no football? I’ll take one year of no football. The program would have definitely taken a hit but it wouldn’t fall off the face of the earth which is what is going to happen now. Penn State is already a slightly above average football team. Now, PSU might as well stand for Popcorn State University — a real soft and fluffy football team. Soft and fluffy football teams don’t win games people.

The $60 million fine to the university was perfect. The fund is meant for the university to setup an endowment fund for child sex abuse victims. The rest of the punishment is unnecessary. Honestly, what is a four year bowl ban and a 40 scholarship loss really doing to help the victims? Wouldn’t it make more sense for the NCAA to fine Penn State $200M for ten years and make sure that money is donated to child sex abuse victims and Sandusky’s victims?

So, innocent players and coaches who had nothing to do with this are being punished. Oh, that’ makes perfect sense. Yeah, I know life is not fair…but that’s life and life isn’t the NCAA.

This punishment won’t stop “lack of institutional control” from happening at universities. Let me paraphrase, ESPN’s Colin Cowherd who said it best…Texas gives the most people the death penalty in the US. Does that stop crime in Texas? No. Is punishing Penn State going to stop other universities from doing stupid shit? Yes, there should definitely be a punishment for the coverup — which their has been by the judicial system…the real one. Outside of the fine, there is no need for the NCAA to pile on and technically they are out of their jurisdiction with this punishment. This is criminal matter at the state and federal level that just happened to occur at a university. But this has nothing to do with Penn State football on the field or in the classroom.

The focal point should be about Sandusky’s victims. Give the victims a ton of money and psychiatric assistance. Set up an endowment for children who are abused sexually and boom the NCAA would have done their job. Now, they are just punishing coaches and kids who have nothing to do with this, they are actually creating more innocent victims.

sidenote: The Big Ten conference has got in on the party. They just announced that Penn State cannot participate in the Big Ten Championship. This is hilarious…they lost ten scholarships a year…do you really think they are going to play in the Big Ten championship? Hell they didn’t have a chance when they got all their scholarships. Also, if you don’t know, conferences split the bowl money each year. For the next four years, Penn State will not get their cut of the bowl money which is going to be about 13 million dollars.

That’s all I got,

Ricky Writer

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