Expect the Upset This SaturdayOctober 12, 2012

Four upsets are in the making this weekend. Texas, West Virginia, Notre Dame and South Carolina will all go down this weekend and here’s why.

OU vs. Texas

The Red River Rivalry is and will always be one of the top 5 games in college football. Both teams come into the game with one loss but still have national championship hopes if they can run the table. OU has destroyed Texas the past two years, but the Longhorns defense is good this year. Ignore the fact that West Virginia dismantled them because that’s going to happen to everyone WVU faces.

The keys to the game will be OU’s running game and whether David Ash is ready to be a star or not. The Longhorns have a great rushing attack so OU is going to put all their effort into stopping it and make sophomore QB, David Ash, beat them. Texas is going to blitz the living daylights out of Landry Jones and then switch it up and drop into a zone. The Sooners can’t depend on an inconsistent Landry to win this game, the running game is going to have step.

I’ve got my Sooner glasses on right now and I’m calling an upset. Sooners win 31 – 28.

South Carolina vs. LSU

The South Carolina defense is better than Alabama’s straight up and it’s not even a question so don’t debate me bro. Their offense is just as dope with Marcus Lattimore carrying the load and Connor Shaw not making any mistakes. Don’t forget Ace Sanders aka baby Dante Hall flipping the field like he’s in the heart of the Reagan Era. Despite all this….South Carolina is losing to LSU this weekend.

My reasoning? Gut instinct. You can’t expect to trust 18 – 22 year olds week in and week out. Also, who goes into LSU and wins a night game in Death Valley? Not many.

West Virgina vs. Texas Tech

West Virginia just went on the road and played a tough game against Texas. Next week they play #6 ranked Kansas State and the week after that they play TCU. They are not the least bit worried about playing Texas Tech in Lubbock this Saturday. Which is they will be upset. The Red Raiders got waxed by OU last weekend too. Watch the Red Raiders proceed to hurt feelings this weekend.

Stanford vs. Notre Dame

It’s time to see if Notre Dame is about that life or not. Their wins over Michigan State and Michigan are diluted like disgusting Kool-Aid because both of those teams are fools gold this season. This will be the first true test the Irish face. The Irish’s defense is tough! Their defensive line might only be second to South Carolina’s. The defense is built for Stanford’s power punch you in the mouth and take your pride running game. Two problems….(1)Did you see what Stanford did to USC? They beat them up with absolutely no shame. Yes, Notre Dame’s defense is built for a fist fight….but Stanford is out of their weight class. (2)Josh Nunes of Stanford is not a terrible QB. Of course he’s no Andrew Luck, but he’ll be the best QB they have faced so far and will finally challenge ND’s suspect secondary.

That’s all I got,

Ricky Writer

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