Monday Morning Cornerback: Week 7October 15, 2012

Here are my quick cuts and jukes from this past weekend’s football action.

Alabama vs. Mizzou

Let’s be real. Bama hasn’t been tested this year yet. It’s not their problem Michigan is overrated and Arkansas’ season was done before it ever got started, but the fact remains, they haven’t played anyone yet.

South Carolina vs. LSU

I predicted this upset. LSU doesn’t lose in Death Valley at night….nope, newp, naw cuz.

Florida vs. Vanderbilt

The Florida defense is disgusting! They have at least 8 NFL players starting for that defense right now.

West Virginia vs. Texas Tech

After a big win over Texas and playing #6 Kansas State this Saturday, you knew this was a recipe for an upset.

Kansas State vs. Iowa State

The Wildcats are fools gold. West Virginia is up this week and Texas Tech after that. No way they are undefeated in two weeks.

Stanford vs. Notre Dame

Umm…home cooking. Stepfan Taylor scored on 3rd down and 4th down. The Notre Dame defensive line looks like it was imported from the SEC.

Ohio State vs. Indiana

If you bet the over on this game, you are a genius! This might be the game to get Indiana rolling.

Oregon State vs. BYU

BYU looked dope in those all black uniforms. Oregon State’s Sean Mannion needs to hurry up and get back on the field before Cody Vaz takes his job.

USC vs. Washington

USC hasn’t really looked the same since they took that L from Stanford. It’s like they not only lost a game, but lost their desire to play in a BCS game.

Boston College vs. Florida State

Florida State is not out of it yet. They can sneak up on some teams and still make it to the BCS National championship game.

Oklahoma vs. Texas

Mack Brown = Property of Bob Stoops.

Louisville vs. Pittsburgh

Why is now one talking about Louisville? They are 6-0. I guarantee you they’d give Notre Dame hell.

Tennessee vs. Mississippi State

Is there such a thing as a bad defense in the SEC West? Tell Johnathan Banks to forgive me for saying that David Amerson was better than him. I was wrong, very wrong.

Syracuse vs. Rutgers

Greg Schiano leaves and the Scarlet Knights are now 6-0.

Fordham vs. Cincinnati

Not going to lie to you…I did not watch any of this game.

Texas A&M vs. Louisiana Tech

Umm…defense optional or illegal, I couldn’t tell since the score was 59 – 57 in regulation.

Fresno State vs. Boise State

DJ Harper is a running back that you should be paying attention too.

Illinois vs. Michigan

No national championship, no Heisman for Shoelace, but all is not lost for the Wolverines…if they keep playing like they did this weekend, they can destroy Ohio State.


Steelers vs. Titans

Welp…there goes Jake Locker’s starting job.

Raiders vs. Falcons

Asante Samuel won that game…but everyone wants to hate on “Get Paid” and say he’s not starting material. *Cough, cough at @ImToBlame

Bengals vs. Browns

Brandon Weeden looks good. I’m positive Colt McCoy would hve looked better though.

Rams vs. Dolphins

The Dolphins are tied for first place in the AFC East though. Impressive.

Colts vs. Jets

The Jets brought Andrew Luck back down to earth faster than Felix Bumgartner.

Lions vs. Eagles

How did the Eagles blow a 10 point lead with 8 minutes left in the 4th quarter though?

Chiefs vs. Buccaneers

Bring back Marty!

Cowboys vs. Ravens

Big time players make big plays and big games. Dez Bryant as of right now, is not a big time player.

Bills vs. Cardinals

This 3-3 logjam in the AFC East is hilarious though.

Patriots vs. Seahawks

The Patriots were in control all game long, but couldn’t put their foot on the Seahawks’ neck.

Giants vs. 49ers

If you stop the 49ers run game…you can expose Alex Smith. Good luck with the first part though.

Vikings vs. Redskins

RGIII played a great game, but should he have been playing at all?

Packers vs. Texans

Kareem Jackson and Jonathan Joseph looked like BBQ on a charcoal grill last night.

That’s all I got,

Ricky Writer

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