Should Tim Tebow Get a Chance to Start for the Jets?November 16, 2012

By Julian Kimble

The Jets are 3-6 going into Week 11, which places them last in the AFC East. For an organization that’s drawn as much attention to itself over the past four years, that’s bad. I hate to use the word “swag,” but the New York Jets define “unearned swag.” Especially when you have a coach like Rex Ryan who’s been known to eat his words, and everything else in sight. When they selected quarterback Mark Sanchez in the 2009 draft, they were expecting a lot out of him, maybe even too much for a USC quarterback. While he’s had a few bright moments, his career has been largely pedestrian. He turns the ball over at the worst possible time, he’s struggled with his accuracy and worse, he doesn’t seem to be improving. The Jets acquired Tim Tebow and the media circus associated with him, but he’s only been used sparingly this season, and sometimes not even at quarterback. I’ll be honest—I don’t think Tim Tebow is good. That’s not a slight at all, I just don’t think he has NFL talent. However, the way he’s been used by the Jets this season is an embarrassment. With the Jets struggling—especially on offense—some have suggested that Tebow see time under center. With their playoff hopes basically non-existent, is it Tebow time?

Let’s just get this out in the open: Mark Sanchez is not having a good season. He has a quarterback rating of just over 70, he’s turned the ball over a combined 17 times and he’s only completing 52 percent of his passes—the lowest of his career. He’s in his fourth season, and seems to be regressing right around the time that young quarterbacks typically hit their stride. That is, if they’re going to be anything in the NFL. While he hasn’t looked good this year, neither has the Jets offense as a unit. Honestly, I don’t think there’s a less talented group in the NFL. Their most dangerous weapon was Santonio Holmes, and he suffered a season-ending Lisfranc injury earlier this season. Realistically, Holmes is not a lead receiver, but he was the best they had. Especially after they decided not to retain Plaxico Burress after last season. You mean to tell me they couldn’t use all 6’5″ of Burress in the red zone right now? Who even starts for them at wide receiver? While Sanchez has been less than thrilling, he doesn’t have a lot to work with. Do Jets fans remember what touchdowns feel like? I’m not even trying to go in, I just have no interest in watching them struggle to put 13 points on the board week in and week out.

I never thought Tim Tebow had the talent to make it in the NFL. However, hype will get a lot of people drafted. I’ll give Tim Tebow credit for being one hell of a teammate and having a great attitude, especially when he’s constantly being disrespected. For example, the way be’s been utilized (ha!) by the Jets this season is pathetic. Not only does it make Tebow look like a clown, it has to throw Sanchez off, further derailing the trainwreck that is the Jets offense. Then, you have all of this high school-esque dissension going on in the Jets locker room with “anonymous” players calling Tebow terrible. If I were him, I wouldn’t want to be in that environment at all. With that being said, I don’t think he should be starting, even if Sanchez is struggling. Yes, we all witnessed the Tebow magic at the end of last season, and the dude seems to be able to have the spirit and fire to maximize situations, but I don’t think that’s going to work here. If Rex Ryan bails on Mark Sanchez right now, he’s going to lose the locker room, which he barely has a grip on right now. Tebow and everything righteous that comes along with him can’t save this sinking ship, and I don’t even think he could work with the limited talent that the Jets have on offense. If Sanchez goes down with an injury and Tebow steps in and plays considerably better and the Jets start winning, then maybe we have an argument, but I don’t see that happening.

The Jets are a bad football team right now. Mark Sanchez isn’t playing well, and may not ever be more than an average NFL quarterback, but I don’t think it’s time to bail on him in favor of Tim Tebow. The Jets have a rack of problems right now, especially on offense, but Mark Sanchez is not to blame for all of them. The Jets offense is painful to watch, and throwing Tim Tebow into the fire isn’t going to win Football games for them. The organization needs to look into why the thought they could succeed in the National Football League with that little talent on offense and wonder why they look like trash on a weekly basis. So why bring Tebow to New York in the first place? The Jets love drama. Check the recent history.

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