Monday Morning Cornerback – Week 15December 10, 2012

Here are my quick hits and jukes from this weekend’s football action. Congrats on winning the Heisman Johnny Football.

College Football

The Cadets played their hearts out. I feel bad for the Army QB, Trent Steelman. Shouts out of the Midshipmen for winning it for Rafi though.


Broncos vs. Ravens

I really hate being a Raiders fan.

Rams vs. Bills

How does Sam Bradford do it with NO weapons at all.

Falcons vs. Panthers

The Falcons are the cute chick that wears too much makeup. You don’t see the flaws initially, but get close enough and you can see through the bullshit.

Cowboys vs. Bengals

Great win for the Cowboys during a really tough time.

Chiefs vs. Browns

I mean, somebody had to win.

Titans vs. Colts

Absolutely amazed that this team is 9-4.

Jets vs. Jaguars

The most boring game of the entire weekend.

Bears vs. Vikings

Brandon Marshall already has 101 catches through 13 games, ridiculous. Adrian Peterson ran for 100 yards and 2 touchdowns in the first quarter, fucking ridiculous.

Chargers vs. Steelers

The Chargers going into Pittsburgh and pimp slapping the Steelers? Didn’t see that happening.

Eagles vs. Bucs

Eagles first win in 70 days. Yeah, Nick Foles is the QB of the future in Philly.

Ravens vs. Redskins

Kirk Cousins as a rookie backup is better than some of the NFL bottom feeders, starting quarterbacks.

Dolphins vs. 49ers

Man, Alex Smith had the saltiest look on his face when Colin Kaepernick skated down the field 50 yards for that touchdown.

Saints vs. Giants

Knew this game was going to be a shootout and the Saints would run out of bullets.

Cardinals vs. Seahawks

We talk about Norv Turner, but when is someone going to call out Ken Whisenhunt?

Lions vs. Packers

The Lions confuse me. They are essentially the same team that went to the playoffs last year. Shouldn’t they be getting better not worse?

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