6 Thoughts: Greg McElroy…Starting NY Jets QB???December 20, 2012

12/21 is real folks….Greg McElroy is starting at QB for the Jets this week. Here are my thoughts.

1. Does it get any worse than this for Jets fans?

2. Chad Pennington the bad remix.

3. It’s gotta be an NFL QB version of Mean Girls going on in those Jets QB meetings.

4. Sanchez sucks…but there’s a reason McElroy wasn’t drafted. Come on guys. The exact same reason why Alex Smith was benched. McElroy is smart, but shit so is Bill Gates. If you don’t have the arm strength to make the throws, you’re not going to win in the NFL.

5. I’m torn between what to think about Sanchez. I can make the argument that he hasn’t been given the weapons and has had bad offensive schemes. I can also make the argument that Andrew Luck is cooking in Indy with no weapons. Then I think about the Jets vs. Colts matchup when the Jets took the Colts behind the woodshed earlier this season.

6. I can’t believe I’m saying this….but I’d rather Tim Tebow start than Greg McElroy.

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