Black MondayDecember 31, 2012

Black Friday is the virtual fire sale that takes place the day after Thanksgiving. Black Monday is the literal fire sale that happens amongst NFL coaches and GMs after the last regular season game. It’s never good to see anyone get fired. I mean, so what if they are rich. They’ve still been told they’re “not good enough”. They still have to let their wives and children know. They’ve still got to look for a new job. It seems to be the same cities every year looking for a new coach: Cleveland, Kansas City, Buffalo, Oakland etc. At some point people are going to realize it’s not the coaches and GMs that’s wrong with the teams, but it’s the people hiring the coaches and GMs. Here’s a look at the coaches and GMs let go so far.

Andy Reid – 14 seasons in Philly. The most winningest coach to ever the Eagles. Reid actually changed the game and used the run to setup the pass. He never could get over the hump and win a Super Bowl and this year was a dumpster fire at an oil rig. Sad to see him go, but he’ll bounce back…he’s too good not to.

Norv Turner and GM A.J. Smith – These two should have been fired by the Chargers a few years ago. They are lucky they don’t work on the east coast where fans care a little more about their sports.

Pat Shurmur and GM Tom Heckert – I mean did they ever really have a chance? Any job as the Browns head coach or GM is a temp job.

GM Mike Tannebum - The reason why Mark Sanchez has no weapons right now. A shuffle board contest is more exciting than the Jets’ offense.

Romeo Crennel – I feel for Romeo, because success is hard to find in Kansas City. Not sure if he’s head coaching material.

Lovie Smith – Who gets fired after a winning season? The Bears were 7-1 through the first half of the season and 3-5 the last half. In the last six seasons, the Bears have only made the playoffs once.

Chan Gailey – I mean, when was the last time Buffalo was good? They haven’t made the playoffs since 1999. It wasn’t Gailey’s fault, he never stood a chance when he was hired in 2010.

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