Heisman Finalist, Rapper TwinsDecember 8, 2012

I had the pleasure of writing this for TheShadowLeague.com

These guys are mirror images of each other. Well, maybe not mirror, but you get the idea.

The most prestigious award in all of college sports will be given out this Saturday. No, it’s not the Beer Pong MVP, it’s the 88th Heisman Trophy. The award has been as much as a curse as it has been a gift for the winners. The trophy doesn’t always guarantee NFL success. Nevertheless, given Reggie Bush’s reluctance in returning his trophy from 2005, and the fact that Vince Young was still clamoring for it after Bush returned it, let’s you know how coveted the award is even if it’s sometimes fool’s gold.

Each of the finalists this year have very distinct backgrounds and personalities. They remind us of the rappers who made significant noise this year. We here at the Shadow League like to put our own flavor and twist on things, so here is what your Heisman finalist would look like if they were rappers.

Checkout the comparisons here

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