RGIII: Man or MachineDecember 12, 2012

By: Jordan Marks

Prior to this past Sunday with RGIII getting hurt, I would definitely say Robert Griffin III was sent from the planet Krypton to save America; only this time his dad let him play sports. Then again, maybe the guys controlling the robot that is RGIII caused it to malfunction purposely so that we fall for the myth that he is man (I mean he was born in Japan).

The Baylor alum has remarkably continued to ride the wave from his nearly 5,000 total yard senior season, into a 3,650 yard NFL season all the while attempting to lead his team into the playoffs. Not only has he compiled that many yards, he has also completely 66.4% of his passes, thrown 18 TDs to 4 INTs, and rushed for 6 TDs.

In comparison, albeit early, RGIII reminds me of the QB version of another NFL robot, Adrian Peterson. It seems that no matter what a team does to stop him, there’s always someone hitting the truck stick or ‘O’. If he keeps this up past this season, RGII could become the best dual threat QB to play the game.

All in all, I think RG III is a robot controlled by some 16 year old genius in Japan who will ultimately destroy America (lol). Ok Ok Ok, but he is really really good.

In other news, as a Sooner is feels wonderful to watch two Texas HS QBs win the Heisman back to back, and neither of them were recruited by UT. Oh what a joyous day it is.

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