The Nickel: Week 14December 10, 2012

I had the pleasure of writing this for The Shadow League

‘Skins and Ravens wage local war, Seattle raises eyebrows and the Steelers suffer a bad loss in another weekend of NFL action.

Another great weekend, right? A lot to dscuss, no doubt, and to break it all down is a group of TSL usual suspects. Guys (J.R. Gamble, Michael Tillery, Nubyjas Wilborn, Brandon Scott and Richard Boadu), let ‘em have it.

Question 1

What did we learn, that we didn’t already know, from that ‘Skins/Ravens game?

BOADU: I learned that Kirk Cousins has a price on his head. The other rookie quarterback in Washington is officially trade bait. Right now, Cousins is better than any quarterback coming out in the 2013 draft. My crystal football is telling me that Young KC will be the starting QB in KC next season.

TILLERY: I learned a rookie phenom QB, whom screams like a man, is smart enough to trust his team and more importantly, his backup quarterback when he knew he couldn’t go. Most try to stick it out and make everything worse. When Cousins threw the TD to Garcon and ran for the subsequent two-point conversion, the Washington Redskins became a galvanized problem. Good luck NFL.

Checkout out the rest of the questions and answers here.

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