The Nickel: Week 15December 18, 2012

I had the pleasure of writing this for The Shadow League

Sports go on with a heavy heart, blowouts galore, the NFC East is tight and the Broncos are streaking in a high-stakes NFL weekend.

Per the usual, we’ve got our best and brightest here to breakdown a pivotal NFL weekend. Guys (J.R. Gamble, Michael Tillery, Maurice Bobb, Jamar Hudson, RIchard Boadu) have at it.

Question 1

The Broncos haven’t lost a game in over 2 months. They’re impressive on both sides of the ball. Are they Super Bowl bound?

JAMAR HUDSON: Just when you thought he was done, Peyton Manning has reminded us this year why he is one of the greatest QBs in NFL history. And at 11-3, the Denver Broncos quietly may be the best team in the league. But we’ve seen this movie before: A good regular season Manning-led team fizzles in the postseason. We’ll see if this year is different.

MICHAEL TILLERY: Winning 9 straight says the Broncos are serious contenders. Peyton Manning’s comeback is true with another 4,000-yard season. I’d still choose Adrian Peterson as MVP and CPOY, but Manning stepping in and not looking any different for Denver is boss. He is great and his defense is stellar led by Von Miller. Seems like this will come down to Brady vs. Manning again. NE did beat the Broncos earlier this season, so the Pats are my pick to advance to the Super Bowl.

J.R. GAMBLE: Peyton Manning is the Magic Johnson of the NFL, and a historically unique, game –dictator. The future 5-time MVP is that B.I.G. of a difference maker. Manning, the Robo-QB of our generation, is an on-field coach, who passes like Johnny U on HGH. The defense is top five in least yards allowed per game (307.1) and the offense is top 5 in yards per game (387.2). Sounds like Super Bowl balance to me.

RICHARD BOADU: You can’t sleep on a team that has Peyton Manning. The Broncos aren’t Super Bowl bound though. Yes, they’ve won nine in a row, but only one of those teams had a winning record. Once the playoffs come, so will Playoff Peyton…you know the one that comes up short to Tom Brady.

MAURICE BOBB: You’d need to take Nyquil to sleep on the Broncos. Peyton has been the frontrunner for MVP since he orchestrated that historic comeback win over the Chargers in Week 6. That said, I don’t think they’re Super Bowl bound. They’d have to get past Brady and Co. and you can bet Brady won’t be asleep at the wheel, either.

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