The Nickel: Week 16December 24, 2012

I had the privilege or writing this for The Shadow League.

Steelers crumble, Green Bay makes a statement and the AFC playoff picture is set in a pivotal weekend.


The Steelers got thrown outta of the playoff party before it even started. What happened here?

GAMBLE: Coach Tomlin hustled-and-flowed his butt off, but putting just one side of the ball to the wall does not a Super Bowl make. The D has – for the most part – been Morten Anderson money, statistically the NFL’s tops. The offense has been John Starks, 94’ Finals-inconsistent. Big Ben is ticking slower, the backfield changes faces like the A-Team and the vaunted aerial trio never soared.

BOADU: Injuries, Father time and Todd Haley happened to the Steelers. Ben Roethlisberger missed games, James Harrison missed games, Troy Polamalu missed the entire damn season, because that guy that stepped on the field this season wasn’t Polamalu. Also, offensive coordinator Todd Haley is a bad Katt Williams joke. Your girlfriend could probably call better plays than Haley.

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